TBIF: How'd You Meet Your Significant Other?

I belong to a local blogging group, and the question has been asked, "How'd you meet your significant other?" I thought that I'd detour from my normal geeky ramblings to answer this question if for no other reason than I think the answer is actually a good story. Here's how the whole thing went down...

Question for the day: When would you let your children use social networking?

My wife and I were just discussing this same question while mulling over a Facebook account that was, apparently, opened for our oldest daughter (now 15 1/2) by a friend three years ago and now rarely used. We were trying to figure out when it is appropriate for your child to indulge in social networking, and can't seem to come up with a good hard and fast rule.

Ctrl+Alt+Del Online: Seriously Funny Comics

Just thought I'd share a link to one of my favorite online comics. Hell, it's one of my favorite comics in ANY media format! Check out Ctrl+Alt+Del Online for some great comics, updated three times a week.CAD Comic


Apple's Newest Brainchild: The..."iPad"? Wait. What?

Apple iPadSeriously? "iPad?" I'm really going to save you all from the obvious puns, jokes and skullduggery that could be written about the name itself. I won't mention anything about feminine hygiene products at all. Not even once.


Dammit. I couldn't stop myself. The truth is, the name is extremely, um, "not at all 'well thought out,'" but I'm honestly VERY excited for this piece of Apple technology to drop into my sweaty little palms when it hits shelves in late March. If you have never heard of the iPad, or think that it IS some sort of new female product, read on. I will do my best to dispel some myths and shove some tech specs down your throat.


The Geek Source. Yeah, it's like that.

My name is Nigel, and I was raised by wolves in the Siberian Tundra.

Ok, that's not true. Well, my name IS Nigel, but the rest isn't true. I wasn't raised by wolves. I was actually raised in a Tibetan monastery by my parents who were Mormon missionaries back in the 1970's. They were subsequently converted to Buddhism and given high-ranking privileges within the temple community. From what I understand, it was really a banner moment for those folks in the mountains. You know, a real "living the word" kind of time.