The Geek Source. Yeah, it's like that.

My name is Nigel, and I was raised by wolves in the Siberian Tundra.

Ok, that's not true. Well, my name IS Nigel, but the rest isn't true. I wasn't raised by wolves. I was actually raised in a Tibetan monastery by my parents who were Mormon missionaries back in the 1970's. They were subsequently converted to Buddhism and given high-ranking privileges within the temple community. From what I understand, it was really a banner moment for those folks in the mountains. You know, a real "living the word" kind of time.

Alright, alright. That's not true either. Well, my name is still Nigel, and I DID hit the scene in the good old 70's, but my parents weren't Mormon.

If you really want to know the awful, painfully boring truth, I was born in San Jose, California, grew up in Arizona and Missouri, and I'm really just like most everybody else. Except I have a third nipple. A REALLY hairy third nipple.

Ok. Totally not true about the nipple. That's actually kind of weird. I felt a little strange saying that just now. As the matter of fact, I'm going to take a moment for myself and reconsider editing that.

Alright. I'm good.

Ok. How does this blog have anything to do with me? Well, I was spoon-fed technology from the time before I sported teeth. I have thrived on the circuit board. I have taken the video game console and Vulcan Mind-Melded© its cold, unfeeling body to my own. I have looked BetaMax technology in the face, and survived. I have even weathered the sickening and somewhat perplexing rise of memes such as Max Headroom and PeeWee Herman.

This blog is about technology and the geeky underpinnings every person like me carries around with them like badges of honor. The entries contained herein shall pass into the annals of history (however small or large that turns out to be)(oh, and I said "annals." Hehe.) to serve as markers for at least one person and will represent the experiences of living a life surrounded and permeated by cartoons, video games, computers, comic books, mobile phones and any other "geeky" subset of pleasing drivel. Anything goes when you're a geek. I think that's one of the best things about being one; I can use my natural curiosity of all things not composed wholly of vegetable, mineral or plant matter and have a built-in excuse as to why I'm messing around with it. Brilliant.

I embrace technology, I'm not gonna lie to you. Hey, I'm fully aware that, someday, we'll all be bowing to our robot overlords. I'm cognizant that we will all function in our daily lives in some sort of a quasi-cyborgish manner in the future. I foresee that every last one of us will have an uncomfortable swagger from the anal implants we're required to carry around. I mean, duh...who doesn't? But, I'm all for getting in good with all of the lowly machinery and gadgetry of today while I have the chance. There's always a little room for a little suck-assery with the lowbies of a species, right? Bring on the technology...


  1. Nice work, homeslice! I look forward to you guiding ignoramuses such as myself through the dicey, shady world of technology. Your writing is, to be frank, boss.

  2. I can not help but sit here at giggle as i read this blog on this fine Sunday morning thinking I should be in church but what the hell im loaded on HYDROCODONES from my fall earlier this week when i broke my ass or just cracked it!!!! lol everyone has gotten a giggle at my expense this week --oh hell i got side tracked agin damn pills!!! Nigel you did great i always enjoy reading what goes on in that head of yours keep up the work job well done!!!!