Accessory of the Week, March 17th, 2010: Obi Juan Kenobi

I really didn't want to showcase another t-shirt this week if for no other reason than I wanted to post about the Rubik's TouchCube. But, this shirt is one of my favorites. It combines two of my favorite things: Star Wars and t-shirts. The day that I can wear nothing on my topside but t-shirts (vs. button-up shirts, ties, holiday sweaters or leather Village People vests) will be a day to be relished.

The Obi Juan Kenobi t-shirt is a must-have if you're a geek with a penchant for all things Lucasfilm. Check it out at tshirthub.com, won't you? It can be yours for $12.95 to $17.95USD depending on your girth.

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