Periodic Table of Sci-Fi: A Chart for Geeks

I caught this over at TopatoCo.com, and had to share. Remember the Periodic Table of the Elements we all know and love as geeks of the world? Well, this Sci-Fi version trumps the extremely old, craptastically sordid one.

The Periodic Table of Sci-Fi is the NEW hotness for those who want just a little more out of those late night research sessions. As you peruse the table (available in print on TopatoCo's site), you an see all of the science fiction interrelationships bonding our universe together. Marvel as you discover that Element 12 is Esb (Empire Strikes Back) and Element 27 is XFi (X-Files). I really wish this had been available in some form when I was a kid...science would have been SO much more fun, and that's saying a lot from a science geek.

Pure genius at work here, folks.

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