World of Warcraft Players Rejoice: You Now Have An Official Headset

Creative Labs, the folks behind some of the best PC and Mac audio processing hardware on the planet, are gearing up to release their officially licensed World of Warcraft Headset Series. If you haven't ever heard of World of Warcraft (created by Blizzard Entertainment), then I'd simply ask you "What planet have you been on for the last five years?"

The official WoW headset aims to be the ultimate gaming headset for World of Warcraft gamers who, traditionally, have taken voice-gaming from day one and integrated it into the game with fervor. Until now, however, you had to go out and buy just any old headset that happened to connect to your computer. This is, of course, changing rapidly with several headset manufacturers, but Creative aims to retake the MMO | voice market with unparalleled sound quality and the ability to "declare your allegiance right out of the box."

Without going into total detail meltdown, some of the features include:

  • THX TrueStudio PC sound technologies

  • Customized illumination

  • Custom Horde or Alliance headset "lenses" to show your allegiance

  • Oversized ear cups for extended gaming raid sessions

  • Wired or wireless models to suit your preference

  • Detachable microphone

  • World of Warcraft audio panel software to tweak your settings in-game

  • Voice Tap accessory (sold seperately) - keep your hands free to game while tapping with your foot to key up your mic

Overall, it sounds like this headset is prepared to take on all comers. The problem so far, however, is its price: $119 for the wired version, $160 for the wireless one. Ouch. I'm not sure about you, but I can't drop even $119 bones on a headset right now.

...maybe I can get Creative to bless me with a set for "testing purposes."

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