Accessory of the Week, May 3rd: Frickin' Light Sabers!

For this edition of "Accessory of the Week," I thought I'd pay tribute to Star Wars Day (the 4th of May) by posting what all good Jedi should have: a light saber!

Think Geek has Force FX light sabers in their arsenal, and they are pretty kick-ass! There are nine sabers total, from Darth Vader's to Asajj Ventress', and each one is $119.99. The sabers light up via battery power, and make the classic Star Wars sound when you swish it through the air!

Order yours today at the following page: http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/collectibles/b72c/

These are great for impromptu duels:

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  1. Ok.. I totally think that this is how we should settle any marriage conflict from now on. Really? You don't want to do laundry? Me either... I will duel you for the day off from laundry duty.