Facebook Security and Skankiness.

The question was recently posed as to whether or not I was going to ditch Facebook as the result of all the privacy (or lack thereof) issues. As the matter of fact, I can't check my Twitter account without seeing at least one reference to Facebook's horrid privacy model or someone asking if quitting is in order. Someone also pointed out Facebook's "skankiness" as a possible reason to ditch. So, what is my opinion on this pressing global matter?

Well, I'd pretty much say that "Mark Zuckerberg is an asshat." It's really that simple. Am I afraid that, by having a Facebook account, I'm going to reveal all of my deepest, darkest secrets? Am I terrified that my family and i are going to be taken in the middle of the night by a black-clad paramilitary force because of my Facebook wall posts? Not at all. I don't put anything online that I wouldn't tell someone myself. Why would I care if somehow the photo of me eating messily out of a can of cake frosting made it out past my "friends only" list? I don't have paparazzi following my every move (yet), and I don't have any photos of me in a miniskirt without panties getting out of a limo. The fact is, any of my more private pictures aren't on there to begin with (such as the limo pics).

The truth is, I DO think Zuckerberg is a dick and that his head is probably too big to fit through most doorways or into small vehicles. But, I keep in touch with family members and friends through Facebook and I'm just not sure there's an easier way to do so right now that is as prolific and widespread. Twitter is great for blips, but it is a different and less "family/friend casual" animal. Facebook's tools for posting photos, links and sharing information (no matter how ridiculously buggy and shitty they may be) are a good thing for friends and family who might not otherwise be able to easily keep in touch, i.e. overseas service members.

I suppose that, if Facebook continues its meteoric rise in popularity and privacy isn't either taken more seriously or forced by regulation, I wouldn't have any issue with leaving it altogether. I am not, by any means, locked into Facebook for the rest of my life. As the matter of fact, I sure as hell hope an enterprising young entrepreneur creates something more along the lines of Tumblr as a rival to FB, only with privacy as a focal point. I'd switch to it in a heartbeat, and I'd recommend all my contacts do the same. Right now, however, I'm on the fence...a small and relatively rickety fence. It might not take much for me to fall to the Facebook-free side.

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