Time Spent: The iPod Nano Watch

Well, I haven't posted a product review for a while, so I think it's about time to take another gadget through its paces. Today's subject? The elusive and controversial iPod Nano Watch. It's an iPod Nano that attaches to one of hundreds of aftermarket watch bands, and the two items have been the subject of a lot of nerd rage lately.

New to the iPod Nano? Well, it's one of Apple's latest MP3 players, much in the same vein as the iPod Shuffle. It's squarish, small, light, comes in a myriad of colors and has all the capabilities of the Shuffle, only it includes a 1.54-inch diagonal TFT touchscreen display on its front. Yes, a touchscreen. Trust me, with Apple's genius-laced touch implementation, it's very easy to use.

I have yet to see somebody strolling along with one of these creatures on. Sure, you'll see a plethora of DKNY and Rolex wristwatches whilst perusing the local mall, but the idea of taking an MP3 player, in this case the 6th generation iPod Nano, and using it as one still isn't mainstream. So why is putting a Nano on a watch band "controversial?" Well, I've read several reviews lately from some big blogs here and here, and it seems that there are enough nitpicks the authors have with using an iPod Nano as a watch that keep them from using it as such full-time. Some opinions range from the Nano being too big for a watch to it not having enough watch-like features to be a full-time replacement. But, there are hundreds of companies now manufacturing bands to allow use of the Nano as a watch, so that counts for something, right?

So, how does it stack up to this particular tech nerd? Here's my experience...


Mac App Store: The New Hotness

The Mac App Store is now live and in-effect, which means not only do I have to keep up with apps for my iPad and iPhone, but for my Mac as well. The Mac App Store presents with the same type of interface as the previously mentioned two devices, offers free and paid apps just like they do, and allows hassle-free installation and updates just the same as well.

I'm only now taking it for a spin, but I can already tell it's going to play a huge part in my day to day operations from now on. I see great, new applications being offered for great prices such as Camera Bag Desktop for $14.99 and Apple's Own Aperture 3 for a crazy $79.99. What's also nice is that there are iPhone and iPad apps that have been ported to run natively on the Mac such as the immensely-popular Angry Birds and graphic apps like SketchBook Pro.

I'm excited by the possibilities, and look forward to having more developers hop on board the Mac train!